Frequently Asked Questions

How many animals does ACU feed and care for?

At present (March/2018) ACU feeds approximately 150 cats and dogs.

How does ACU fund their work?

ACU is funded completely by donations and run by volunteers. We have a Nearly New Pop-up shop and hold regular events and raffles. Many people regularly sponsor care for one or more of our street animals.

How do I contact ACU?

The best way to contact ACU is via our Facebook group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/756101447796885/

A member of the committee will get back to you as soon as possible. Please do bear in mind that we are all volunteers and will answer your queries as soon as we can.

How can I make a donation to ACU?

We  can accept donations directly into ACU’s bank accounts. Details available on request.

Cash donations can be given to any committee members in person or at any of our events.

How can I become a volunteer?

We are always in need of people that would like to help. Please message us via the Facebook group and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have found an injured/sick animal and am unsure what to do?

In an emergency eg: Road traffic accident (RTA) please contact ACU via our Facebook page or take to the nearest vet or call one of the vets. If you decide to take yourself – Please be very careful as scared animals may bite.

The vets we predominantly use are: En pati vets in Gunlukbasi.
Telephone numbers: 0533 244 4666, 0252 613 6133

En pati are our nearest vets. Traveling form Uzumlu towards Gunlukbasi, turn right at the traffic lights by the shoe shop – the vets is next to a small BIM.

Kent Vet in Fethiye. 
Telephone numbers: Cezmi Ocak 0533 348 99 88, Aynur Ocak 0536 680 85 11 
Website: Kentvet.com

Facebook: Kentvet Veteriner Klinigi

Kent Vets are located right next to the big Migros in Fethiye.

If none of the above are answering and it’s on a Sunday or out of hours – KIVANÇ vets have a 24 hour service.
Telephone number: 0544 614 2345

If you see an animal in Uzumlu looking unwell but it is not an emergency please contact ACU via our Facebook Group and we will organise a trip to the vets if necessary.

If you don’t have transport please contact ACU and we will try to get someone to attend.

How can I tell if a dog is owned or is a street dog?

Street dogs often have a numbered tag in their ear. Many street dogs have collars and are generally well fed and are in good health. Some street dogs do get re-homed so it can sometimes be difficult to be 100% sure.

If in doubt ask the locals, street dogs are usually well known.

I have found a litter of kittens but can’t see the mummy cat, what should I do?

The mummy cat is likely to be close by and may have just gone to find food for her kittens so unless in danger or if the mother doesn’t return you are best to leave them be.

If the kittens are in any danger place them in a box and move them to a safe place close by so the mummy can find them when she returns.

If the Mother does not return please message ACU via the Facebook group.

I have been feeding an animal I believe to be a street animal whilst I have been here on holiday but I am returning home and am worried about who will feed the animal now.

Don’t worry, street animals are very good at finding a source of food and if one stops they will quickly find another. ACU has many volunteers regularly feeding the street animals in many areas of the village.

If you are in a remote area you can always let us know and we will make sure someone feeds in that area.

I have seen an animal tied up on a short chain/rope, there is no water or shade for them and am worried– can ACU help?

We ask first that if possible you approach the owner. If language is a problem, take someone with you to translate, ask the owner to provide some shelter/shade and water for the animal and try to explain to them that the animal should by law have a lead of at least 2 metres long.

If you are not happy with the response please contact ACU for further advice and assistance.

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