Business Sponsors

Our business sponsors are extremely important to us and we are incredibly grateful for all their ongoing support: we couldn’t do what we do without them.

The regular income that they provide helps us to budget and plan our outgoings and expenditure and allows us to help many more animals in need. It also means we aren’t as heavily reliable on regular fundraising events, which although we love doing, takes a lot of valuable time to organise, sometimes for very little return. The income from events can change dramatically from one event to another, leaving us at times unsure as to where the money will come from, where as sponsorship’s gives us a income we can rely on.

Presently (June 2019) ACU cares and supports 200 street animals, that’s a lot of mouths to feed on a daily basis! And with an ongoing influx of animals, rising food bills and vet costs, we are always in need of more sponsors.

The steady income that sponsorship provides helps us make sure all street animals in and around the village are kept healthy and well cared for.

On average ACU’s monthly food bill is 3,500tl and vet bills can easily be 4,000tl or higher. We need to regularly make on average, approximately 7,000tl plus a month these days to break even.

Benefits to sponsors

Our business sponsors benefit greatly from sponsoring ACU. They gain recognition within their local community by supporting one of the local charities and help to improve the heath and well being of our local street animals.

All supporters receive a certificate to display and have a dedicated page on our website listing all their business contact details, social media links and web site along with an ‘About Us’ section promoting your business.

Each month, one of our sponsors is featured in our newsletter.

Becoming a sponsor is easy and sponsorships are from just 20tl a month (you are welcome to contributed more if you wish too).

If you are interested in becoming an ACU business sponsor, please drop us an email.

We currently have 18 Business Sponsors providing a regular monthly income to support ACU. Please click on the links to read all about them.

Our sponsors are;

The Winehouse Üzümlü                                                        Living in Fethiye

Mr Home Fix                                                                          Mustafan Builders

Lie Detectors UK                                                                    Mama Pet Shop

Cadianda Restaurant                                                             Park Alya Restaurant

Anzua Fashion House                                                           Grape Garden 

Eddys Place                                                                            Angel Sew Sweet

Rustic Village Homes                                                        Umit Kasim Connections

Sumak Restaurant                                                           Akif Kocabiyik Ata 9 Boat

Sukran Cebeci

Oceanwide Properties

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