June Newsletter

Welcome to our June Newsletter. After a wet and stormy start to June, the weather has improved with temperatures reaching 32c in Űzűmlű. Lovely warm days, and evenings where we can sit outside enjoying the air. For our Street dogs and cats they also enjoy the good weather and they will try to find shelter and shade wherever they can. Please ensure when you close your outhouses, sheds or storage areas that an animal isn’t trapped inside. For pet owners try and exercise your dogs either early morning or evening. Pavements and roads get extremely hot during the daytime hours and will damage their pads. Also keep an eye out for ticks and fleas.

Dogs and cats can also suffer from dehydration, classic signs are;

*   Your pet is tired or moving more slowly than normal.

*   Loss of appetite.

*   Panting (a sign in dogs).

*   Eyes appear sunken and dry.

*   Gums and nose are dry.

Please try and leave a bowl of fresh water outside your villa/apartments for our street animals.

Web Site

All our newsletters are readily available to read on our website,  https://acuturkey.org

Loaded with information about our charity, how to sponsor, how to make a donation, how to foster, how to adopt and how to volunteer. Have a browse now and see what we are all about. Huge thanks to Angela Sayers for setting up and maintaining the site.

There is now a Turkish Facebook page for our Turkish neighbours run by Basak Ademir.

Fund Raising Events

There were no themed events in June.

June 11th Keith Edwards hosted the quiz at the Winehouse on their brand new terrace. A very successful night that raised 965tl. However, it has to be said that we, the participants, of said quiz did find some the questions a little obscure!!

Income & Expenditure

Total Income for June from Fundraisers (965tl), private and business sponsors (1235tl), donations (2050tl), 59er (840tl), Massage Day (900tl) and the Pop Up Shop (1860tl) making a total 7850tl for the month.

Sponsorship is a very good method of fundraising for us either through private sponsors or business sponsors. We would like to see more sponsorship because this is a guaranteed monthly income and allows us to plan future commitments. Please have a chat with friends or family about  how they can sponsor either a dog or cat.

The Pop up Shop is in the Oceanwide Estates office opposite the Mosque and is open every Friday  from 11am till 2pm. You can call in to pay sponsorship or make a private donation. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for special offers, home baking and possible changes to opening times.  Shop Manager, Christine Hughes, needs to constantly replenish the stock so if you are having a Summer clean in your wardrobes, drawers, closets, whatever please remember to donate your unwanted items to us. Ladies and men’s clothing, shoes, Bric-a-Brac and general household goods are always welcome.

If you wish to make a donation you can via our Turkish Bank; Deniz Bank, UZUMLU HAYVAN BAKIM DERNEGI.

IBAN No TR66 0013 4000 0162 8700 0000 01

Expenditure for June including food for Street Animals and veterinary charges was 9884tl. This was an overspend of 2034tl which was covered by our small contingency fund which we keep for emergencies. We have a 1000tl bill expected this month for kitten vaccinations to give them a good start in life. There has been a need to reduce our monthly expenditure and measures have been taken. We are also working towards increasing sponsorships, both private and business. Inflation is taking it’s inevitable toll on the cost of food and medication and we just cannot afford to stand still.

Our average expenditure for food is 3500TL per month. Food is distributed to a large number of wonderful volunteers most of whom also supplement with their own supplies.

29 visits were made to the veterinary clinics of Kent Vet and En-Pati during June.

During June  the Shelter was still not accepting requests to arrange appointments for Charities. The consequence of which has placed enormous strain on finances. ACU Have a very good relationship with HANDS who have covered the costs of neutering but their funds have been severely depleted. Please support HANDS fundraising activities who raise funds under the legal ACU Charity.

We are hopeful that in the not too distant future the Shelter will be fully functional and will re-commence taking appointments from all the Charities.

Two cats, Metin and Efe have both suffered broken hips resulting in vet bills for 1600tl. Both are recovering but slowly.

Sometimes it is not possible for our volunteers to provide the level of care that some Street dogs need that suffer from illnesses such as skin problems. We are pleased to say that Hunters in Ovaçik provide very reasonable respite care when we are unable to administer medication on a regular basis. We are very grateful to Hayley and Hakan for providing such wonderful care and preparing dogs for re-homing.

Neutering Stats

Neutering is on going and not something any one person or a handful of people can be solely responsible for. If anyone sees a street cat and its ear isn’t clipped and the cat is easy to handle please contact ACU for an appointment at a private Vet which will be kindly funded by HANDS.
For cats contact Anne Kapteinat & for dogs, contact Tracey Cameron.

With regards to the ‘tricky customers’ there are 2 traps as well as protection gloves that can be made available.

Neutering runs are ongoing so if every one could try to help out with this sometimes it really will make such a big difference.

Dogs can be taken to the Secret Garden (SG) for overnight recovery from ops.

CATS June, 4 neutered,

DOGS June, 6 neutered,

Currently we have 50 dogs on the Street in Űzűmlű and surrounding areas which also includes 12 at the Dog Park.

Re-homed or Fostered Cats

Currently there are 150+ cats in Üzümlü and surrounding areas including 11 at the Park.

Re-homed or Fostered dogs

4 dogs were re-homed during June, Bob, Bear, Luna and Elsa are all enjoying their new furever homes.

We try to keep our newsletter as positive as possible but sometimes we have to report the not so pleasant news items in the hope that we can change attitudes. During June we experienced an incident of poisoning. This occurred close to the children’s playground at the crossroads at the bottom of the Friday Market Road. Despite the best efforts of Tony Pipe and other members 2 dogs and 1 mummy cat were not able to be saved. Tragically a kitten also died because it was still dependent on mummy cat for milk. One kitten was able to be saved. Thanks also to Kivanç Vet for opening late Sunday afternoon to treat the kittens. The Jandarma were informed and investigations are underway. The more worrying aspect was the close proximity of the Children’s playground to the incident. At this time it is not known if this was a deliberate act or perhaps a thoughtless act of throwing away the remains of a toxic chemical.

ACU Business Sponsors

We currently have 16 Business Sponsors providing a regular monthly income to support ACU. We hope to add to these over the coming months. Our sponsors are;

The Winehouse Üzümlü                                                          Living in Fethiye

Mr Home Fix                                                                          Mustafan Builders

Lie Detectors UK                                                                   Pinar Urav Mama Pet Shop

Cadianda Restaurant                                                              Park Alya Restaurant

Anzua Fashion House                                                             Grape Garden Bar/Restaurant

Eddys Place                                                                            Angel Sew Sweet

Rustic Village Homes                                                             Umit Kasim Connections

Sumak Restaurant                                                                   Akif Kocabiyik Ata 9 Boat

Forthcoming Events For July

16 July Quiz & Games Night at Eddys, hosted by Iain Tait

2019 Longer Term events

Please be aware that whilst we will endeavour to keep to these dates and events they are subject to change.

July 16 – Quiz, games Night, Venue, Eddys. Hosted by Iain Tait

August 3 – Boat trip and disco. Hosted by Brenda Singleton
August 13 – Quiz, Venue TBA, hosted by Jeff Singleton

September 5 – Soul Train, Venue, LEB-I DERYA AKSAZLAR,Tickets available from Gail O’Neal
September – Quiz, Date & Venue TBA. Hosted by Keith Edwards
September 22 – ACU Open Day. Venue TBA. Hosted by Hayal

October 15 – Quiz, Games Night,  Venue Grape Garden, Games Night. Hosted by TBA
October 13 – Halloween, Venue, Uzumlu Winehouse. Hosted by Brenda.

November  12 – Quiz, Venue, TBA & Host TBA
November – Fashion show, Date TBA – Akkent hotel, Hosted by Brenda Singleton

December 7 – Christmas Fair, Venue, Cadianda Restaurant. Hosted by Christine Hughes
December 20 – Xmas games night, Venue, Winehouse. Hosted by Brenda Singleton

Meet our Sponsors

Our featured sponsor this Month is Cadianda Restaurant.

Phone No 0252 665 5514,
Mobile, 0537 984 5387
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CadiandaRestaurantBar/

The Restaurant is on the Dual Carriageway, opposite the newly built school.

Owners of Cadianda Restaurant are Mustafa and Nergűl Yildirim. They have been married for 20 years and have three children, two girls, Derya and Deren, and one boy, Fatih. The Restaurant moved to the present premises about 11 years ago but have been in business in Űzűmlű for 17 years. The Restaurant specializes in Pide, Pizza and Grills but the extensive menu includes many favorites from Turkish and European kitchens. During the summer months Cadianda can seat up to 100 people in their shady garden, or in winter months, inside the cosy and warm log cabin. There is a small children’s play area in the garden.

Summer opening hours are 09.00 – 23.00 but Pide or Pizza can be served later
Winter opening hours are 09.00 – 23.00 but may close earlier if quiet. (Please phone to check)
Every Sunday the Restaurant offers a 3 course Carvery Lunch from 14.00 – 17.30
Alternating Sunday Evenings there is either a Turkish Night featuring traditional dance and music or live music. Other special events are organised during the year.

2019 prices for a main course range from 9tl (Pide) – 85tl (T Bone Steak).
Typically, Chicken dishes 25tl – 40tl, Lamb dishes 43tl – 68tl
There are also special dishes available that are not on the menu, just ask your server for details.

The Restaurant also supports charitable events throughout the year such as quizzes, or themed nights.

Restaurant Manager, Engin (Jamie) Gezen and staff, will ensure a warm welcome to this long established and well respected venue.

A word about our volunteers

We have a wonderful group of 40 active volunteers that go out in all weather conditions to ensure the Street Animals and those resident in the Cat and Dog Parks are fed and monitored daily. Without these guys and girls we would never be able to support our Street Animals and give them a better living environment. We offer a very warm welcome to any new volunteers, so please, if you can spare a couple of hours a week contact us for more details. The Secret Garden also has a regular crew on rota to support kittens that have been found without their mums and need intensive care.

Street Dogs

This is Caramel, she is a long term Free Runner resident at the Doggie Park. She is very happy at the Park and always gives the volunteers a waggy tail welcome. Caramel is a quiet and affectionate dog and gets on well with other residents. Caramel would make an ideal pet and needs to be seriously considered if anyone is looking to re-home a dog.

There are a number of Dogs and Cats needing sponsors, Caramel is one of the lucky ones, she has support from the Park Volunteers who feed her and ensure she stays healthy. Others are not so lucky and rely on sponsors to support them. If you are not already sponsoring a dog or cat, please consider the difference you can make for 30tl/month or £5/month

Longer term aims

Our long term projects for 2019 are to encourage a neutering program for Animal Owners in Üzümlü. We will also encourage more residents to provide food and water for the street animals and will erect signage to support both these initiatives. The Charity will try to hold hold more inclusive fund raising events to attract more multicultural support. We also want to increase the number of Business and Private sponsors.

Please tell us what you think of our Newsletter. Is there anything you would like to see included? Is monthly too often?  Is there too much information? Not enough information? You get the idea, so let us know your thoughts.

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