April Newsletter

April 2019

Thank you for all your positive comments regarding our first Newsletter and for suggestions of what you would like to see included in future editions. We have included a new section which will feature some information about our street animals and where they mostly hangout and, if possible, a photo.
Welcome to our second Newsletter covering April. Those of us that live in Űzűmlű know the weather we have experienced here since the start of the year has been somewhat wet and mostly unseasonably cool. As we transition from Spring into Summer, we should remember that our street animals will need more access to fresh water when the HOT weather arrives. Just a bowl of fresh water outside your gates will ensure our animals will remain hydrated.

New Web Site

We are pleased to announce our long awaited Web Site is now live,  https://acuturkey.org ;
Loaded with information about our Charity, how to sponsor, how to make a donation, how to foster, how to adopt and how to volunteer. Have a browse now and see what we are all about.

Fund Raising Events

April was a good month for us for fundraising events. Firstly there was the Mushroom Festival which is held over three days to celebrate the Morel Mushroom harvest. It also seems to be a celebration of locally produced wines which many stalls were selling. ACU had a stall outside Oceanwide Estate Office and also another behind the Mosque. Both were selling pre-loved clothing and Bric-a-brac. Friday 5th was a warm day which bought out many buyers and the stalls were busy for most of the day raising much needed funds. Unfortunately Saturday 6th was mostly a washout with rain for most of the day and unseasonably cold. Owner of Oceanwide, Suleyman, kindly let us set up inside his office and we managed to stay dry and raise further funds from the few hardy souls that did venture out. Sunday 7th was a very nice day and, by far, the busiest of the Festival and again we raised more funds. Big thanks to all the members that manned the stalls and were in good cheer even in the pouring down rain.
Although not strictly a fund raising event, the Training Day arranged by Denise Atkins was a great success with over 40 people attending a talk given by Veterinary, Serkan Tarim, in Park Alya Restaurant. Savouries and cakes were on sale prior to the talk and thanks go to our bakers for such a varied table of goodies. Serkan and his assistant Can gave us information aided by a slide show on what to look for if an animal is suspected of ingesting poison or if bitten by a venomous critter. What can be done to buy a little time whilst transporting an animal to a veterinary surgery and where and when to administer Atropin, pain killers and anti histamines. Any animal that is suspected of being poisoned or bitten MUST receive veterinary attention ASAP following any self administered medication. Injection packs were on sale after the talk and a small mark up on the wholesale cost was added to help bolster ACU funds. We received very positive feedback from the morning, so it was very much a worthwhile exercise.
Sunday 14th, Tina Kosuch arranged a Turkish Sunday lunch at the Uzumlu Park Restaurant to raise funds for ACU. Meze and Lamb Tandir with chips and salad followed by a fruit plate were served by owner, Tyfun, and his family.
A quiz with a difference hosted by Karen Cadman on Thursday 25 April and funds raised from the sale of raffle tickets, quiz entry fee and a donation from Park Alya Restaurant. Teams had to shout out their team name before answering. Kay Cummins was on team Woof Woof and a lot of woof woofs were heard during the evening and it’s not surprising they won.

Income & Expenditure

Total Income for April from Fundraisers, Private Sponsors, Business Sponsors, Donations, 59er and the Pop Up Shop was 8955tl
Sponsorship is a very good method of fundraising for us either through private Sponsors or Business sponsors. We would like to see more sponsorship because this is a guaranteed monthly income and allows us to plan future commitments. Please have a chat with friends or family about they how they can sponsor either a dog or cat.
The Pop up Shop is in the Oceanwide Estates office opposite the Mosque and is open every Friday  from 11am till 2pm except when the Uzumlu Group have their monthly Cake & Bake Fund Raiser. You can call in to pay sponsorship or make a private donation. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for special offers, home baking and possible changes to opening times.  Shop Manager, Christine Hughes, needs to replenish the stock so if you are having a Spring Clean in your wardrobes, drawers, closets, whatever please remember to donate your unwanted items to us. Ladies and Men’s clothing, shoes, Bric a Brac and general household goods are always welcome.
If you wish to make a donation you can via our Turkish Bank; Deniz Bank, UZUMLU HAYVAN BAKIM DERNEGI.
IBAN No TR66 0013 4000 0162 8700 0000 01
Expenditure for April including Food for Street Animals and Veterinary charges was 10495tl This was an overspend of 1540tl. Obviously this is a worry and cannot continue. We have a small contingency fund for emergencies but it will not last long if we continue to spend more than our income. There is a need to reduce our monthly expenditure and measures are being taken. We are also working towards increasing sponsorships, both Private and Business. Inflation is taking it’s inevitable toll on the cost of food and medication and we just cannot afford to stand still.
Our average expenditure for food is 4000TL per month. Food is distributed to a large number of wonderful volunteers most of whom also supplement with their own supplies.
32 visits were made to the Veterinary clinics of Serkan Tarim and En-Pati during April.
Sometimes it is not possible for our volunteers to provide the level of care that some Street dogs need due to illnesses such as skin problems. We are pleased to say that Hunters in Ovacik provide respite care when we are unable to administer medication on a regular basis. We are very grateful to Hayley and Hakan for providing such wonderful care and preparing dogs for re-homing

Neutering Stats

From Friday 5th April we have a weekly FRIDAY slot at the shelter for neutering up to 4 cats.
We also have a fortnightly arrangement for dogs on a Monday. Thanks to Tony Pipe for transporting dogs in his trailer
Neutering is on going and not something any one person or a handful of people can be solely responsible for. If anyone sees a street cat and its ear isn’t clipped and the cat is easy to handle please take to the shelter for neutering.
Emre, the Shelter Vet has always said boys any time but, just when possible, keep to appointments for girls.
With regards to the ‘tricky customers’ there are 2 traps as well as protection gloves that can be made available.
Neutering runs are ongoing so if every one could try to help out with this sometimes it really will make such a big difference.
Claire Ganioglu will be happy to keep the cats overnight post neutering and take back to their feeding area the following day.
Dogs can be taken to the Secret Garden (SG) for overnight recovery from ops.
CATS April, 13 neutered, 5 of which were in early stages of pregnancy 1 adoption, Tabea
DOGS April, 3 neutered, 4 re-homed and 4 in foster care awaiting transfer to UK/Germany
1 dog is receiving contraception treatment and cannot be neutered due to a serious heart condition.

 Re-homed or Fostered Dogs

Lucy was adopted by Dave Badger & Partner Debbie Kent to join their other adoptee, Sammy.
Andy has a new home in Bodrum
Max a new home in Űzűmlű
Sally was adopted by Andea Bird from Kadikoy
Currently we have 50 dogs on the Street in Uzumlu and surrounding areas which also includes 12 at the Dog Park.

Re-homed or Fostered Cats

Currently there are 150+ cats in Üzümlü and surrounding areas including 11 at the Park.
Sandy, A distemper virus survivor has a very compromised immune system and is in long term foster care awaiting a forever home. Larry and Harry will be on their way to Germany soon. Mario is also in long term foster care after being very ill and needing in-patient care at Serkan Tarim Vet for 2 months. He has now recovered and needs a loving home.

ACU Business Sponsors

We currently have 16 Business Sponsors providing a regular monthly income to support ACU. We hope to add to these over the coming months. Our sponsors are;
The Winehouse Üzümlü Living in Fethiye
Mr Home Fix Mustafan Builders
Lie Detectors UK Pinar Urav Mama Pet Shop
Cadianda Restaurant Park Alya Restaurant
Anzua Fashion House Grape Garden Bar/Restaurant
Eddys Place Angel Sew Sweet
Rustic Village Homes Umit Kasim Connections
Sumak Restaurant Akif Kocabiyik Ata 9 Boat
Welcome to our latest Business Sponsor, Akif Kocabiyik. His boat, Ata 9, is available for daytime or evening cruises around Fethiye Bay. Cruises can be tailored to your requirements including choices for food and drink.

Forthcoming Events

14 May, Who Wants to be a millionaire at the Cadianda Restaurant, hosted by Brenda Singleton
25 May, Fashion Show and afternoon tea at the Akkent Hotel in Çaliş (opposite Çaliş Migros)

2019 Longer Term events

Please be aware that whilst we will endeavour to keep to these dates and events they are subject to change.
June 11 – Quiz, venue, Grape Garden. Hosted by Keith Edwards
June 29 – Country and Western Night, Venue, Park Alya Restaurant. Hosted by Denise Atkins
July 6 – Turtle trip and beach afternoon. Hosted by Tina Kosuch
July 16 – Quiz, games Night, Venue, Winehouse. Hosted by Brenda Singlton
July 25 – Üzümlü’s got talent, Venue, Park Alya. Hosted by Brenda Singleton & Denise Atkins
August 3 – Boat trip and disco. Hosted by Tina Kosuch
August 10 – DISCO, Venue TBA. Hosted by Umit Kasim
August 24 – Quiz TBA
September – Quiz, Date & Venue TBA. Hosted by Keith Edwards
September 7 – Soul Train, Venue TBA
September 22 – ACU Open Day. Venue TBA. Hosted by Hayal
October 15 – Quiz, Games Night,  Venue Eddys, Games Night. Hosted by TBA
October 13 – Halloween, Venue, Uzumlu Winehouse. Hosted by Brenda & Denise
November  12 – Quiz, Venue, Grape Garden & Host TBA
November – Fashion show, Date TBA – Akkent hotel, Hosted by Brenda Singleton
December 7 – Christmas Fair, Venue, Cadianda Restaurant. Hosted by Christine Hughes
December 20 – Xmas games night, Venue, Winehouse. Hosted by Denise Atkins

Meet our Sponsors

This months featured Business Sponsor is Park Alya Restaurant
Contact Details;
Reservations; 0542 223 5206
Reservations can also be made via their Facebook Page; https://www.facebook.com/groups/623677114640254/
Emine, Ertan and Elif Çetinkaya
Sunday menu features Lamb Tandir (slow cooked lamb) with roast potatoes, salad and a meze starter with lavas ekmek (balloon bread).
Every morning from 10.00am-2.00pm Turkish Breakfast is served or alternatively a Full English Breakfast is also available.
This family run restaurant ensures a warm welcome and excellent quality food at reasonable prices. Reservations either by phone or Facebook, details are above and a free pick-up and take you home service is also available.

A word about our volunteers

We have a wonderful group of 40 active volunteers that go out in all weather conditions to ensure the Street Animals and those resident in the Cat and Dog Parks are fed and monitored daily. Without these guys and girls we would never be able to support our Street Animals and give them a better living environment. We offer a very warm welcome to any new volunteers, so please, if you can spare a couple of hours a week contact us for more details.

Street Dogs

Sherlock, a long haired Retriever cross. Most days he can be found in the main Square in Űzűmlű. He is mostly looked after by Neco And Sezgin who own the restaurant on the corner of the Square. He understands both English and Turkish commands (clever dog) and is very friendly but has been known to growl at other dogs. He makes the occasional stroll to Jenny’s Bakes and Cakes  if he fancies a pie for lunch! Sherlock is not officially sponsored but is looked after by the local community around the Square. He can be a little obstinate and likes to lay in the middle of the road outside the cafe causing traffic chaos until Neco gets him to move! Sherlock is a free spirit and although attempts have been made to take him in and give him a home, he escapes and returns to the Square which he considers home.
There are a number of Dogs and Cats needing sponsors, Sherlock is one of the lucky ones, he has support from the local community who feed him and ensure he stays healthy. Others are not so lucky and rely on sponsors to support them. If you are not already sponsoring a dog or cat, please consider the difference you can make for 30tl/month or £5/month

Longer term aims

Our long term projects for 2019 are to encourage a neutering program for Animal Owners in Üzümlü. We will also encourage more residents to provide food and water for the street animals and will erect signage to support both these initiatives. The Charity will try to hold hold more inclusive fund raising events to attract more multicultural support. We also want to increase the number of Business and Private sponsors.
Please tell us what you think of our Newsletter. Is there anything you would like to see included? Is monthly too often?  Is there too much information? Not enough information? You get the idea, so let us know your thoughts.

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