Jan- Mar Newsletter

January – March 2019

Welcome to the first ACU Newsletter. The past 3 months have seen some changes about how the Charity functions together with changes to the Board Members responsibilities following the inaugural meeting in February. We are now operating smoothly and can reflect on the last 3 months activities, report on our income and expenditure, successes with re-homing dogs and cats, rescues and neutering statistics along with features about our sponsors and volunteers. We hope to be able to update the Newsletter every month with current news and to be as transparent as possible regarding our finances and where your money is actually spent. With around 200 cats and dogs under the care of the charity it is a huge undertaking to maintain our income every month through Sponsorship, Donations, Pop Up Shop and Fund Raisers. Without your generosity none of this would be possible so a very big thank you, to you, our members and supporters.

New Web Site

We are pleased to announce our long awaited Web Site is now live,  https://acuturkey.org

Loaded with information about our Charity, how to sponsor, how to make a donation, how to foster, how to adopt and how to volunteer. Have a browse now and see what we are all about.

Fund Raising Events

January was a fairly quiet month regarding fund raising with just a quiz at the Grapes in Üzümlü. The night also included a version of the Brucie game show, Play Your Cards Right. The winner was Pinar Urav.

February 21st was the ACU inaugural meeting held at Park Alya Restaurant. The Board Members were elected by the 30 members present. A reserve Board was also elected.

February 27th we held our Wine and Cheese Tasting Night, hosted by Dave Roue who gave us the benefit of his not so expert wine tasting expertise. We raised a total of 1090tl from the raffle, an auction and a donation from the Winehouse.

26th March Jeff Singleton hosted a well attended quiz at Cadianda Restaurant. A total of 770Tl was raised by a donation from Cadianda Restaurant, Quiz entry fee, Raffle and an auction for a Thorntons Easter Egg.

Income & Expenditure

Total Income for the January-March period from Fundraisers, Private Sponsors, Business Sponsors, Donations and the Pop Up Shop was 42686TL

If you wish to make a donation you can via our Turkish Bank; Deniz Bank, UZUMLU HAYVAN BAKIM DERNEGI.

IBAN No TR66 0013 4000 0162 8700 0000 01

Expenditure for January-March Period includes Food for Street Animals and Veterinary charges was 41922TL

Our average expenditure for food is 4000TL per month. Food is distributed to a large number of wonderful volunteers most of whom also supplement with their own supplies.

71 visits were made to the Veterinary clinics of Serkan Tarim and En-Pati during the January-March period.

Sometimes it is not possible for our volunteers to provide the level of care that some Street dogs need due to illnesses such as skin problems. We are pleased to say that Hunters in Ovacik provide respite care when we are unable to administer medication on a regular basis. We are very grateful to Hayley and Hakan for providing such wonderful care and preparing dogs for re-homing

Neutering Stats

CATS January- March, 25 neutered, 1 adoption

DOGS January – March, 10 neutered, 14 re-homed or in foster care awaiting transfer to UK/Germany

 Re-homed or Fostered Dogs

Currently we have 50 dogs either on the Street in Uzumlu and surrounding areas which also includes 12 at the Dog Park.

Andy, a forest dog, is the pointer who ate something poisonous has been offered a home in Turkey and is currently in foster until new owners arrive. Poppy, a forest dog, went to new home in Istanbul. Luna, a Seydikemer dumped dog, will be going to Germany. Elsa also going to Germany, she’s the one with skin fungal problems. Deniz, the skinny pointer, has been rescued by pointer charity in the UK. Rio and Heidi two rescued pups will travel back to UK to new homes under AFOT (Animal friends of Turkey). Bonnie and Loki, Üzümlü dogs, went to homes in January. Bella, a Seydikemer dog, went to a couple in Üzümlü. Another 2 pups went to a family in Sarigerme near Dalaman. Another pup went to a Turkish couple in Üzümlü. Sammy went to a UK couple in Üzümlü.

Re-homed or Fostered Cats

Currently there are 150+ cats in Üzümlü and surrounding areas including 11 at the Park.

Sandy, A distemper virus survivor has a very compromised immune system and is in long term foster care awaiting a forever home. Larry and Harry will be on their way to Germany soon. Mario is also in long term foster care after being very ill and needing in-patient care at Serkan Tarim Vet for 2 months. He has now recovered and needs a loving home.

ACU Business Sponsors

We currently have 15 Business Sponsors providing a regular monthly income to support ACU. We hope to add to these over the coming months. Our sponsors are;

The Winehouse Üzümlü                                                        Living in Fethiye

Mr Home Fix                                                                          Mustafan Builders

Lie Detectors UK                                                                   Pinar Urav Mama Pet Shop

Cadianda Restaurant                                                            Park Alya Restaurant

Anzua Fashion House                                                           Grape Garden Bar/Restaurant

Eddys Place                                                                            Angel Sew Sweet

Rustic Village Homes                                                            Umit Kasim Connections

Sumak Restaurant

Forthcoming Events

The Üzümlü Mushroom Festival on 5-6-7 April is a fantastic event and presents an opportunity to raise considerable funds from the thousands of visitors that come from all over Turkey. ACU volunteers will be manning a stall to sell donated items such as pre-loved clothes, ornaments and general household items.

Saturday 13th April is a Training Day arranged by Denise Atkins for the purpose of administering inoculations in the event that an animal has either ingested poison or has received a venomous bite or sting. Training will be at Park Alya Restaurant and taught by Serkan Tarim, Veterinary. (This event is now full)

Sunday 14th April Tina Kosuch is arranging a Traditional Turkish Tandir dinner at the Üzümlü Park Restaurant for 3.00pm. There will also be traditional live Turkish Saz Music. 75Tl pp (50tl deposit) contact Tina to book your table.

2019 Longer Term events

Please be aware that whilst we will endeavour to keep to these dates and events they are subject to change.

25 April – Buzzer quiz, Park Alya restaurant. Hosted by Karen Cadman

9 May – Who wants to be a millionaire? Cadianda Restaurant Hosted by Brenda Singleton
25 May – Fashion show, Akkent Hotel Hosted by Brenda Singleton

June – Quiz, Date & venue TBA Hosted by Keith Edwards
June – Country and Western, Date & venue TBA. Hosted by Denise Atkins

6 July – Turtle trip and beach afternoon. Hosted by Tina Kosuch
25 July – Üzümlü’s got talent, Park Alya Restaurant. Hosted by Brenda Singleton & Denise Atkins

3 August – Boat trip and disco. Hosted by Tina Kosuch
24 August- DISCO, Venue TBA.  Hosted by Umit Kasim

September – Quiz, Date & Venue TBA. Hosted by Keith Edwards
September – Date, Venue & Event TBA
22 September – ACU Open Day. Venue TBA. Hosted by Hayal

October – Date, Venue TBA, Games Night. Hosted by TBA
31 October – Halloween, Uzumlu Winehouse. Hosted by TBA

November – Quiz, Date, Venue & Host TBA
November – Fashion show Date TBA – Akkent hotel, Hosted by Brenda Singleton

December – Xmas games night, Date & Venue TBA. Hosted by Denise Atkins
December – Xmas Fair – Cadianda Restaurant Date TBA. Hosted by Christine Hughes

***** please note there will be some moonlight table top sales in July and August to fund immune boosters for the shelter******

Meet the Team

Each Month we will tell you a little about our Board Members and their thoughts and aspirations for the Charity. We will start with the founder and driving force behind ACU, Brenda Singleton.

Brenda, originally from Eccles, Lancashire moved to London to be with her then boyfriend, and now hubby, Jeff.  Brenda has followed 3 career paths, Hospital Management, Adult Education Teacher and finally Counselling. After 30 years of living and working in London, Brenda decided to retire and follow a more leisurely lifestyle and Jeff had to go along with it! So following holidays in Fethiye and falling in love with the area, in 2012 Brenda and Jeff moved to Üzümlü.

Brenda noted that that although Üzümlü is a stunningly beautiful area, there were issues with large numbers of unhealthy street animals. Although there was a large animal charity operating in Fethiye, they were stretched, and so it was that Brenda decided to set up a small animal charity to serve the Üzümlü area. After initial criticism, of which there is still some even today, by encouragement, kindness, education and not a small amount of diplomacy, there are now a lot of ex-pats and Turkish volunteers to help feed, arrange veterinary visits for neutering and general healthcare for the Street Animals.

Finally after 5 years of hard work, tears and sweat Brenda’s dream of ACU becoming an officially registered charity came to fruition in November 2018. Without Brenda’s drive and enthusiasm this would never have happened, however, so much for the more leisurely retirement lifestyle!

Meet our Sponsors

This months featured Business Sponsor is Rustic Village Homes

Contact Details

Murat mobile; 0506 322 2422

Hayal mobile; 0555 323 5823


Murat and Hayal Özbaylan are owners of Rustic Village Homes which are situated close to the Üzümlü Mosque. Hayal, originally from Ankara, and Murat from Izmir, have a son, Bulut, and they lived and worked in Istanbul. They decided to start a new venture in Construction, Design and Estate Agency in Űzümlü, Rustic Village Homes. The lifestyle change came, in part, due to Hayal who is a wedding planner/co-ordinator spending a lot of time in the Fethiye area and Murat’s job demanding too much time away from his family. They started Rustic Village Homes in 2016. If you are considering a move to Turkey then have a chat with with Murat about what you are looking for. If you are considering getting wed either on a sun drenched beach at Sunset or in 5 star luxury then have a chat with Hayal. They can both help with bringing your dreams to fruition.

A word about our volunteers

We have a wonderful group of 40 active volunteers that go out in all weather conditions to ensure the Street Animals and those resident in the Cat and Dog Parks are fed and monitored daily. Without these guys and girls we would never be able to support our Street Animals and give them a better living environment. We offer a very warm welcome to any new volunteers, so please, if you can spare a couple of hours a week contact us for more details.

Longer term aims

Our long term projects for 2019 are to encourage a neutering program for Animal Owners in Üzümlü. We will also encourage more residents to provide food and water for the street animals and will erect signage to support both these initiatives. The Charity will try to hold more inclusive fund raising events to attract more multicultural support. We also want to increase the number of Business and Private sponsors.

Please tell us what you think of our Newsletter. Is there anything you would like to see included? Is monthly too often?  Is there too much information? Not enough information? You get the idea, so let us know your thoughts.

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